Episode 3: Lego “The Office” (Dunder Miflin)

I finally get my hands on the Lego version of The Office (US) – perhaps the most excited I’ve been about any Lego set ever!

Tune into this week’s episode for my full review as well as a discussion about the strange things that put me off buying certain sets – plus a brief mini-review of the Spider-Man and Venom Lego figures.

lego ‘the office’ Review

Build experience: 8.5/10
End result: 10/10
Value for money: 7.5/10

Summary: While being slightly more expensive than similar TV-based sets; this is everything fans of The Office (US) could ask for and more. Packed with loads of hilarious references and fan service touches with a generous amount of minifigures, every second of building this was a joy and the end result is fantastic.

Listen to the full episode above for the in-depth review!

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